Experience Designing Day-to-Day Interactions

April 1 2017, 3:56pm

For the experience designer, creating a great experience extends into everything one does. One aspect that I've noticed I partake in happens whenever I take the elevator and am the first to enter.

Elevator with Storm Troopers

Photo by Mike Bryan

Typical courteous behavior dictates holding open a door for those nearby wanting to use the elevator, but I take this a step further—I asked everyone that comes onboard what their floor is and press that corresponding button for them.

I used to think that this was just what everyone did, but at least in this City of Fog, maybe 5% of unique individuals that I've encountered have acted similarly.

For me, it doesn't take much additional effort to do this and if it helps, even slightly, to improve the day of others, then it's worth it.

Just a random thought.

What are ways that you improve the day-to-day experiences of others?