Unspoken Store Name Guidelines

May 13 2017, 2:11pm

I'm one to want to try new places all the time. Services like Yelp and Foursquare have consequently become mainstays in helping me discover new places to check out. In reviewing place after place though, I began to realize a few common naming tropes. I'm not sure exactly what this says about our creativity or our ability to comprehend, but I thought that it might be of interest to highlight.

ramen bowl

Here are some of the store name guidelines I've uncovered, presented without comment:

  • American-started tea places = Include tea in the name in some pun-ny way.
  • Japanese restaurants = Choose a random Japanese word, preferably 1 to 3 syllables
  • Ramen restaurants = Append ramen to the end of the restaurant name
  • Pho restaurants = Choose a number or include pho in some creative way
  • Hipster restaurant = Include the name of the street or neighborhood (whichever is cooler). One can also just make the restaurant name a symbol like "&"
  • Food place with not-so-great food = Include cuisine in the name
  • Poke place = Include poke in a creative manner in the name
  • Quick Chinese =Add express Cuisine that is a mix of cultures = Add fusion in the name of the shop
  • Want to charge more for your food? = Add “Le” before the name or make sure your name is less than 5 letters
  • Thai restaurant = Need to include "Thai" in the name somewhere
  • Not sure if people will know you serve food = Add restaurant
  • Grocery stores = Choose a name. The more American, the better.

What are your thoughts? What unspoken naming guidelines are missing?