Building a Better Experience: Inactivity Notification

May 22 2017, 1:36pm

I recently received an email letting me know that an account I had signed up for was going to be cancelled if I didn't log in within 30 days. Though this is a good thing (letting a customer know what's going on with their account), I couldn't help but think about what would make this a better experience.

removing accounts

In essence, I had forgotten about this service and/or not found it useful.

An improved process, both for the customer and company would have been to provide notice earlier. A six-month reminder, additionally, would have been more useful to increasing my re-engagement potential. Even better though would have been an email sequence letting people know what they're signed up for along with examples/evidence of how the service could be used.

With so many products and services that we have accounts with, it's sometimes easy to just sing-up for something, only to never use it again. Taking small steps to reminds those who signed up, before it's too late, can be just the nudge needed to boost one's bottom line.

What are you thoughts on closing customer accounts?