Why You Should Have an Offline To-Do List

July 2 2017, 3:16am

In this day and age where everything is becoming "smart," it's growing harder to imagine a moment without Internet connectivity. These moments do happen, however. From the unexpected power outage to the annual family camping trip, having an offline to-do list can be a huge asset to boosting productivity and the quality of one's work.

working during vacationing

This list was perfect on a trip to Hawai'i.

A few years ago, on a trip to The Islands, for the duration of my vacation, I woke up as if I was still in Pacific time. This meant that I was consistently waking up at 5:30 AM. Without Internet, it would have been hard to do much until my friends woke up. I referred back to my offline to-do list and was able to accomplish more than I thought I would over the course of the week—in Hawai'i no less.

More recently, I remember a time when AWS had stopped working. Normally, a service outage would not be a problem, but for something so intrinsic to work, like AWS (which so many sites rely upon), it became a high stress moment. Ultimately, many in our WeWork space threw their hands in the air and called it a day. With my offline to-do list, I was able to maintain the same amount of productivity, albeit working on different things (like marketing strategy, in my case).

Having an offline to-do list not only helps when you don't have power or Internet connectivity, but it also allows for an alternate quality of work to be realized.

Glued in front of the screen, one isn't able to realize the creative benefits and alternate methods of thinking one would normally get by disconnecting. Having this offline list allows for these ideas to develop in a more organic and naturally creative environment.

Many of the items I have on my list include overarching strategy development, language learning, and creative endeavors. Reviewing marketing goals, learning a new hanzi, and sketching out a new 3D model are just some examples of the above.

Although it's good to day dream and meditate, there are still times when it's important to get things done. Having an offline to-do list allows one to make better use of one's time and to prevent work from piling up.

Do you have an offline to-do list? What types of items do you have on your list?