Why You Should Move Your Trackpad to Max Speed

September 9 2017, 11:29am

Before Learning that changing the trackpad speed was even an option, I would complete a movement across the screen in a wide-sweeping action across the pad. Like most people, speed wasn't an inconvenience because this was simply the way the device was. It wasn't until reading about this customization that I realized, even shaving a fraction of a second on an action, could add up over time.

laptop with a side of crackers

So as not to make the change too drastic, I would put in my schedule to incrementally increase the trackpad speed week after week until I was up to max speed. I would recommend this strategy as, at first, I went all in and experienced the change to be a bit too extreme. Incremental increases, in my case over three weeks, made the change almost unnoticeable.

When I'm on my computer now, I feel like a productivity superhero—battling one task after the next. Any other device feels like actions happen at a glacial pace, correspondingly.

Some has been written about the distance that a computer mouse travels in a year and the number of clicks the average person makes per day. Regardless of the time saving, there's definitely some benefit to simply feeling like you can do more in less time, all because you sped up your trackpad speed.

What's a small hack that you've used to boost productivity?