12 Podcasts I Listen To

November 12 2017, 1:11am

With over 250,000 podcasts available on iTunes to date, there's bound to be something to satisfy your own unique interests. Personally, here are the top 12 podcasts I listen to. I would recommend you check these out, especially if you're interested in economics, design, entrepreneurship, tabletop game design, and general making.

99% Invisible

Sea Food Stand

Photo from 99% Invisible

Topic: Design Length: 20-35 minutes

There's so much about design that doesn't meet the eye. This podcast tells the hidden story about design and how it impacts the world around us.

Check out the podcast here: 99percentinvisible.org

Fish Sauce

Topic: Entrepreneurship, Asian American Length: 10-25 minutes

Asian Americans are often hidden in society. This podcast tells stories at the intersection of entrepreneurship and Asian America.

Check out the podcast here: fishsaucepodcast.com

Freakonomics Radio

Topic: Economics Length: 35-50 minutes

Economics has a funny way of impacting lives. This podcast looks into the "hidden side of everything."

Check out the podcast here: freakonomics.com

Futility Closet

Futility Closet

Photo from Futility Closet

Topic: History Length: 30-35 minutes

History has some lesser told stories that are often quite compelling. This podcast takes a look at these unique accounts in history.

Check out the podcast here: futilitycloset.com

Growth Everywhere

Topic: Marketing Length: 25-50 minutes

An easy to digest podcast for learning how to up one's marketing game.

Check out the podcast here: growtheverywhere.com

How I Built This

Topic: Entrepreneurship Length: 40-60 minutes

This podcast looks into how some of the biggest movers and shakers created their business from the ground up.

Check out the podcast here: How I Built This


Topic: Game Design Length: 60-80 minutes

Games can seem like something that just appear on store shelves, but theres a whole layer of decision-making and design that comes into bringing a game into existence. This podcast takes a look at many tabletop game design topics.

Check out the podcast here: ludology.net

Planet Money

Planet Money

Photo from Planet Money

Topic: Economics, Money, Finance Length: 15-30 minutes

Economics and money can be pretty complex topics to grapple. This podcast takes a look at money, the economy, and the interesting ways they work in society.

Check out the podcast here: Planet Money


Topic: Miscellaneous Length: 30-70 minutes

More hidden stories and the interesting tales around them. Generally, this podcast takes a deeper dive into a topic than most of the other podcasts on this list.

Check out the podcast here: radiolab.org

Startups for the Rest of Us

Topic: Startups, Development Length: 25-40 minutes

This podcast goes into business advice and strategy for startups with a focus on micropreneurship and smaller-scale businesses.

Check out the podcast here: startupsfortherestofus.com

Still Untitled

Still Untitled

Photo from Still Untitled

Topic: Geek, Science, Making Length: 25-45 minutes

This podcast looks into a plethora of geeky, scientific, and maker topics. There are many spoilercasts that take a deeper look into many geeky movies.

Check out the podcast here: tested.com

TED Radio Hour

Topic: Science Length: 53 minutes

This podcast takes TED talks and makes them easily digestible, in podcast form.

Check out the podcast here: TED Radio Hour

What are your favorite podcasts?