Suggest: Changes in Search

March 25 2009, 5:22pm

On Google's homepage, have you noticed something different? With Google's new suggest feature, you can type in your search query and have the system automatically suggest what it is you might be typing or might want.

For instance, "How to find a job."

This does not only allow you to search for this, but it also pulls up extensions of this phrase:

fast in a recession online in this economy (and so on)

What this will do, will not only create for more specific and localized searches, but changes in terms of advertising online:

  1. No longer will there be the same kind of long-tail targeting that was utilized by those who saw opportunity in search queries that were largely ignored by the mainstream.

  2. The first search query that is suggested will become the new one position in organic searches.

  3. The opportunity for spelling error optimization will be reduced.

In all, this is not only a better business model for Google but a better thing for a wider array of individuals and companies.