Increase Your Percentage Saved When Buying Things

March 9 2016, 6:45pm

There's not too much in life that comes for free, but did you know for around the same effort, you can increase your savings on items purchased by a few percentage points more?

The solution comes in using services that resell gift cards. Services like Raise and Cardpool act as market places for consumers to sell unwanted gift cards. To entice other consumers, like yourself, to buy their cards, many will often provide a small percentage discount on the total value of the card. This means that of a card is valued at $100 and it is discounted 5%, you'll get the card for $95 with 100% of its value.

If you frequently buy from any of the businesses with their cards listed, the savings can add up. Moreover, if you're buying gifts and purchase items with them, through this process, you can get additional percentage off of whatever items you're buying:

Let's say I was interested in a Ninja professional blender.

Ninja Professional Blender at Sears

On Raise, I could get a $100 gift card for $94.30.

a Sears gift card available at Raise

Now you've now got yourself a shiny new blender for much cheaper than you otherwise would have.

Since you're purchasing and using a gift card, you can typically stack this on top of other discounts that you might be able to get. If you also kick back your purchase with a service like Ebates, you will have saved an additional 3% off of this purchase alone.

Ebates reward for Sears

Pair buying gift cards on these sites with the occasional gift card sale they might have to earn even more. I got a $90 and $80 gift card from Express and Chipotle, respectively, in this manner for $151.24—a 12.4% savings.

Raise receipt

Some cards have to be physically mailed to you. To take advantage of sales the day of, look for cards that can be sent to you electronically.

This might not make all the difference in the world, but in a place where pennies matter this trick can help keep more of them off of the table and in your pockets.