How to Drive More Safely and Efficiently with Tech

June 8 2016, 7:58pm

When tax time would come around, I always used to think "wouldn't it be nice to get those mileage deductions?" By the time you realize they exist, another year has passed with no receipts or notes taken to take advantage of these allowances—at least this is what used to happen for me.

Nowadays, I collect mileage, trip time, cost and more with help from my Automatic. This device connects with my phone using low energy Bluetooth to wirelessly send stats about my cars.

my Automatic drive

Installation was as easy as plugging it in and then syncing it with my cellular device. Invisibly, it works in the background to track a myriad of things including hard brakes and quick decelerations.

my Automatic score

I drove pretty safely before, but the device gamifies driving in such a way that my driving experience has become safer and more fuel-efficient overall. It also allows me to quickly locate where I last parked within the dashboard.

No more aimlessly wandering around to find one's car.

Automatic spreadsheet I set up via IFTTT

Going back to taxes, all of this information can be synced with a Google spreadsheet via IFTTT. I'll use this information to make sure any relevant data is accurate and up to date.

It might be small and appear pricey, but for what it can do, I think it is more than worth it. Already, I have saved a lot with safer, more fuel-efficient driving. If you're interested in getting on of your own, check them out here.

If this little device has anything to say about the future of tech and connectivity, I am indeed excited.

What devices do you use to make your tech smarter?