Building up One's Online Presence Doesn't Have to be Difficult

June 24 2017, 7:14pm

There are a host of services out there that can help cheaply and easily get your personalized landing page up and running. One's that I've used include and They all differ slightly but in general allow you to post a short biography, photo representation of yourself, and social media links. Because of the search engine strength that many of these sites hold, landing pages created on these services will often rank, relatively quickly, and higher than the more generic web pages out there for your name.

be that unique looking flower

If your name is more common and more competitive, you may need to up your game. Creating more profiles across the different social networks and even developing your own personal website, can go a long way in terms of developing a cohesive online brand. Even more so, use a middle initial. A middle initial on all professional correspondence can change a difficult search into one that's relatively simple.

If you're interested in this topic further, check out my post on how to easily create your own personal website.

At least by taking this first step to create a personalized landing page, you can be on your way towards taking more control of people's perception of yourself.

What do you see when you search for your name online?