Why Facing Away from the Customer Can be Great

December 11 2017, 10:03pm

When I'm waiting for my meal to come, I often find myself looking around, observing random ongoings. One thing that I've noticed many establishments have is chefs with their backs to customers. In closed kitchen, this isn't really an issue, but as more kitchens become open, this presents and excellent opportunity to do more.

restaurant uniforms

Photo from Pinterest

Especially for more casual establishments where, perhaps, wearing a t-shirt is acceptable, the back of an employee can be an opportunity to engage.

A nicely designed shirt back can be a way to interact with customers where there would otherwise be little to no interaction. This, of course, can increase the likelihood that a customer will come back as they see a business that is warm and inviting.

One company that uses the backs of its workers well is Chipotle. Even while workers are cooking up a storm, customers can look at them and engage with messages emblazoned on their back.

Little things like this can make a huge difference on the bottom line, causing customers to come back time and time again.

Have you seen any good back-of-shirt designs?