How to Earn Cash Back From Purchases on Autopilot

January 16 2018, 8:22pm

In a previous post, I took a dive into the problem of spending too much time figuring out what to buy. Recently, I encountered search cost again when determining the perfect gifts to give to friends and family. No doubt there's some extra value derived from finding the perfect gift (although the opposite is not necessarily true).

Earny app

One service that I've used that has helped in the buying process is Earny. Earny takes advantage of credit card price protection to ensure that you're almost always buying items at the lowest possible price.

For the uninitiated, credit card price protections are policies that allow you, the consumer, to get a refund back if the price of a product drops within a specified time.

For many cards and banks, this time frame spans 90 to 120 days—which makes these policies particularly beneficial for the price sensitive customer. Specific agreements vary from one policy to the next but, generally speaking, once a price drop is found, a customer can initiate a review.

This can be a particularly tedious process—keeping track of price drops and filling out requests.

This is where Earny comes into play. Earny uses your purchase receipts to keep track of the price of items purchased. If there is a price drop, it will file for a refund on your behalf.

Best part of this is that the amount you pay (25%) comes directly out of the money you save—meaning you don't pay anything more than a small percentage of what you would have otherwise not had.

With help from Earny, I've earned over $61 back from various purchases I've made since last December. The most I received was $7.18 for a phone holder. Along with tools like Paribus, I can rest a little easier knowing that my time is being better spent.

Ready to set your credit card protection on autopilot?