Learning About Mochi Production in Taiwan

August 30 2018, 11:32pm

Growing up with mochi, I was surprised to learn that Taiwan had its own variation of the chewy and sweet confection. My first encounter with Taiwanese mochi was at the Taiwan Mochi Museum (台湾麻糬主題館 / tai wan ma shu zhu ti guan) in Nantou County.

The museum’s mascots greet you at the front as you enter the museum.

Inside there are a bunch of exhibits detailing the production of mochi, ingredients used, as well as its history.

Different ingredients used in the mochi

At the end of the museum is a shop where you can try a bunch of the products that the Royal Family brand makes. Though much of these items, I’ve seen at local grocery stores, there are a few products that you can only get at the museum.

The mochi museum is a fun place to drop by if you’re in the area. It was a nice way to spend an hour especially with all the tasty samples waiting at the end.

台湾麻糬主題館 (Taiwan Mochi Museum)

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