A Little Taste of Paradise in the Hills of Bagua

November 16 2018, 10:04pm

Loving the sweet and tangy taste of pineapple cake, I always love it when I get the chance to snack on one. A while back, I headed to “the home of the pineapples” in Minxiong to check out Pineapple Hill. Recently, I had a chance to check out the home store one of my favorite pineapple cakes, Sunny Hills(微熱山丘 / wei re shan qiu).

We got to the location in the hills of Nantou off of Bagua Road (八卦路 / ba gua lu) by car. The sign advertising the location was on the smaller side. Except for rows of pineapple around everywhere, you wouldn’t really know you’re at Sunny Hills.

The actual grounds are located down a short street pass the entrance sign. At the end, the property opens up to reveal the original home

As it was drizzling, we quickly made our way to the main shop. Here, two very nice women greeted us and showed us where to put our umbrellas.

We were just as quickly seated and offered one of their signature pineapple cakes paired with Alishan Oolong Tea.

The interior was pretty minimalistic, but accented everywhere with wood. They had a cool drip system on display. Not sure if it was actually functional.

The store is equally as humble with just a few items for sale.

After purchasing pineapple cake, we proceeded outside to check out the family home.

As we arrived at the beginning of monsoon season, it was typical to see trees tied down.

Walking past the main store, we found ourselves on the roof top with a nice view of the surrounding area. We got passion fruit pineapple slush that was very nice.

There was a little market of local vendors selling things like fresh lychee and honey under a nearby tent. We checked that out before heading out.

I’m still amazed and amused at how pineapple can look.

Check out the Nantou Sunny Hills location if you’re nearby. The service was great and the grounds were very relaxing. Their pineapple cakes are also pretty good (you may even be convinced to pick up some yourself).

微熱山丘 南投三合院 (Sunny Hills Nantou Store)

PS: Don’t accidentally touch the pineapple fronds. They’re really sharp, as I experienced firsthand.

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