What's the Best Etsy Keyword Tool Out there?

August 20 2019, 9:55pm

For many popular platforms online, tools are a dime a dozen. Putting aside how beneficial tools can be to things like product discovery and search engine optimization, oftentimes, the hardest part in using a tool is figuring out the best one to go with.

For the past few months, I've been working on developing out Etsy shops. I've learned a lot in the process. I wanted to share my thoughts on Etsy keyword tools, in case anyone is looking to up their game (and not waste the same amount of time I did).

For Etsy, there are really three big players out there: Marmalead, eRank, and Seller Tools.

Seller Tools

Paid with a free option

From the outside, Seller Tools looks like a robust platform:

Seller Tools website

Much like top SaaS apps out there, there are listings of features users, etc.

Looks like your typical SaaS

Under the hood though, the UI tells a different story:

Very simple UI

Much of the Etsy keyword tool is barebones. The most useful part of Seller Tools is probably the keyword tool, but even then, both tools below incorporate these functions and do a better job at presenting them.

Clean graphs

Table with Etsy keyword data

There are a few notable aspects of Seller Tools:

  • It includes an option to backup your shop
  • The market research tool is interesting, if in just the way of visualizing, from afar, what is going on with a given competitor
  • You can view renewals stats fairly easily

After using both of the tools below, I kept on wanting more visually, more information, more color, more something from Seller Tools. Some of the stats derived aren't actually true (for instance, showing an item as never being sold even though it was purchased and just renewed).

I have yet to really figure out a reason to really use this Etsy tool, but maybe one will come up in the future.


Paid with a free trial available

Hearing about Marmalead from numerous ecommerce podcasts out there, I was excited to try out this platform. Much like Seller Tools, the Etsy keyword tool looks robust from the outside:

Large hero image of a woman creating

Looks like any other SaaS tool

Inside, things are much more sparse (although less so than Seller Tools).

Inside the Marmalead tool

An arrow prompts you to start your first keyword search. The data that comes up is rather nicely presented. In fact, of all the three tools mentioned in this post, the Marmalead user interface is probably the nicest to look at.

The Marmalead UI is so pretty

Marmalead has a section called Storm which is used to brainstorm new ideas. It's interesting, but for the products that I was looking at, it wasn't that useful.

Marmalead Storm

Here are a few cool things about Marmalead:

  • It focuses a bit more on photos, even providing a photo score for your cover photo
  • The tool measures sentiment and translates that into writing more appealing titles/tags
  • It does some calculation of shipping to find out if your competitors are covering or charging extra for shipping
  • The grading tool is pretty cool. It helps visualize where and how to get your listings up to a point where they should be getting more traffic.

Marmalead figuring out shipping best practices

All in all, Marmalead definitely has more going for it than Seller Tools. I just wish there was more to this tool though. Where it ranks high in terms of UI/UX, it ranks lower than eRank in terms of robustness.

When buying into any subscription tool, you want one that's going to cover most, if not all your bases. For this, I would check out the next tool.



At first glance, I noticed that the hero image was one from a free stock photo site.

Hero image uses a stock photo

Not a good sign.

Hero image uses a stock photo

The images under are interesting and do a good job at relaying the value of the tool. Still, I have to admit, not hearing too much about eRank, I was skeptical. Still, I wanted to be able to check out the tool and write about my experience, so I paid for eRank.

fun images on the website

When I finally got into the tool, I was pleasantly surprised by the breadth and depth of the tool.

so much delicious data

With this tool, I was able to switch out low-performing tags with higher performing ones. I was also able to greatly increase my overall visibility score and increase the number of sales coming in on a week to week basis.

With dozens of functions focused on Etsy best practices, there are so many different ways to use eRank to boost your Etsy business. Perhaps the best part of eRank is the Etsy keyword tool:

the eRank Etsy keyword tool is so comprehensive

In addition to top listings, a price graph, synonyms, and a trend chart, eRank shows related keyword volume for Etsy and Google. It also does a great job at showing which keywords are better to go for than others.

Here are a few notable aspects of eRank:

  • Color-coded system shows you what to attack first
  • The competitor tool allows you to easily see where it is that you stack up against them
  • Provide data on trends and what is currently being searched for

And the Winner?

Without a doubt, eRank is my favorite tool out of all the ones available. Compared to other tools out there, it may not be as flashy, but it definitely does the job. If you're looking to start your own Etsy business, don't hesitate to give eRank a try.

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