Enjoying the Second Best Donuts in Vancouver

August 20 2019, 11:20pm

Traveling to a new place, one thing that I’m going to want to try—of course—are the local milk tea drink offerings. Somewhere, ranked second or third, would be donuts.

On my recent latest trip, I wanted to try one of the best doughnut shops in Vancouver, Cartems Donuts. Sadly, on both of the occasions I dropped by, the shop was closed for vacation.

Giving staff time for vacation is a great thing, so I don’t blame the shop at all. This also just means that I will have to come back to actually try the best donuts in Vancouver.

Since I wasn’t able to try the top-rated donuts, I settled for number 2, Lucky’s Doughnuts.

While walking on Main Street in Mount Pleasant, checking out the local Vancouver street art, my friends and I dropped into Lucky’s Doughnuts. Being a project of the 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters, the shop very much felt like donuts were an afterthought. Their doughnuts and other baked goods filled a small, clear display case by the register as you entered, but most of the shop seemed dedicated to coffee.

An afterthought though, these donuts were not.

I got a passionfruit donut with cocoa nibs and an orange honey pistachio. Both donuts were well-flavored with the passionfruit donut reminding me of one of my favorite donuts from Blue Star Donuts in Portland.

Even though it was a little after noon, the donuts were a nice consistency. They were slightly chewy, moist, and not overly sweet. In short, they were everything that I would want in a donut.

Lucky’s Doughnuts were so good that I ended up coming back to the shop the next day to get a passionfruit donut to bring back home with me.

If you love donuts like I do and love yourself a more chewy-Blue Star-esque doughnut, drop on by one of the many locations in Vancouver for a nice little treat.

Lucky's Doughnuts

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