Uncovering the Spirit of Portland in East Portland

December 19 2019, 12:37am

If West Portland is the business center of the area, East Portland is the cultural heart of the region.

The next afternoon after my whirlwind trip across the city, we headed east to have a great meal and experience some local street art before flying out. It was the perfect bookend to the trip.

If you’re planning on going to Portland, and have some time to visit East Portland, here are a few tips:

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Get a View of the City from Mount Tabor

Mount Tabor is an unassuming hill in the middle of East Portland that has stunning views of Downtown Portland and the surrounding region. Cars can get to the top, but we parked towards the bottom and hiked up the many pathways to get to the top. Thought there are a bunch of trees around, there are areas like this that nicely frame the view below.

IMG 0328

Inhale Amazing Biscuits at Pine State Biscuits

If you’re on a no-carb diet, you may want to skip this place or give a little pass here. I don’t really like biscuits, sandwiches, nor gravy. That said, I would happily go to Pine State to feast on their sandwiches. Even if you don’t get one of their iconic biscuit sandwiches, their pancakes are also great—super fluffy.

IMG 0327

Don’t forget to add a side of local jam for an additional treat.

IMG 2208

Check out the Street Art Along Alberta Street

If you happen to go to the Pine State Biscuit along Alberta Street, you’re in for a treat because the area is teeming with street art. Even though it was lightly raining when we went, we walked up and down the corridor finding fun and quirky art like this mural above. If you have to wait for your name to be called or simply want to walk off the biscuit a little, checking out the street art can be a fun way to pass the time.

IMG 2221

Enjoy Tea at Townshend’s (But Skip the Pearls)

In a town known for its coffee, it’s refreshing to know that tea culture is not far behind. One of the top places to get tea is Townshend’s Tea Company. In addition to dozens upon dozens of teas to choose from, you can turn any of your tea selections into a bubble tea drink. They know what they’re doing when it comes to tea, but not so much with tapioca pearls. Skip the pearls and just sip on a nice cup of tea.

Mount Tabor Park

Pine State Biscuits

Townshend's Tea Company

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