Checking Out the Street Art on Oahu

March 31 2020, 9:07pm

As a huge fan of street art, I’ve made it a point to check out the local art scene in places like Vancouver and Taiwan. Recently, I saw what Honolulu had to offer on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

The epicenter for this type of art is the Kakaako (Kaka’ako) neighborhood located about a mile away from the northwest corner of Waikiki, past the Ala Moana Center. What was once an area used by native Hawaiians for salt making, agricultural farming, and burial, is now one of the most hipster areas on Oahu.

From Asian motifs to tropical flowers, the art did not disappoint. Here’s a selection of some of the art I saw:

IMG 5247

I have a thing for Halloween and sea life, so this one spoke to me. Not sure why it says “Charles” though.

IMG 5185

Sunglasses are a great idea if the sun is out. The buildings can block some of the cool breeze making it feel even hotter out.

IMG 5186

A penguin happy to see the sun.

IMG 5187

How would you caption this?

IMG 5189

I would have to agree that this alpaca is boss.

IMG 5190

Looked seeing this comic-style mural of a woman taking to the beach…

IMG 5191

…because nothing is wrong with a little self care.

IMG 5192

Bold colors and sharp lines—I love this one!

IMG 5194


IMG 5195

Someone didn’t feed these pandas enough bamboo. They look super grumpy.

IMG 5208

Oh, brother. Got to love the Hannya mask.

IMG 5210

I wonder what animal or beast this is supposed to be.

IMG 5211

Stickers are such a fascinating way of self expression.

IMG 5212

Not sure what the correct response would be. Maybe, “doingit?”

IMG 5213

Art is sometimes hard to explain.

IMG 5214

Love how this artist made use a corner to showcase Spiderman and Captain America.

IMG 5215

There’s so much going on here, but I definitely see a few things I grew up with.

IMG 5216

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make a huge statement.

IMG 5217

Anyone know what the 「ビビビッ」 (bi bi bi) might be about?

IMG 5218

Another weird but cool mural. I love how the windows were turned into futuristic eyewear.

IMG 5219

Sometimes, it’s not about what you add, but what you take away.

IMG 5220

I wonder what cool adventures these kids will go on.

IMG 5221

Love the integration of 2D space with 3D space here.

IMG 5222

There’s a story here. I wonder what it is.

IMG 5223

This was probably one of the more chaotic pieces.

IMG 5224

The calligraphy used in this mural is on point.

IMG 5225

Looks like a relaxing office building to work in.

IMG 5226

There’s something oddly intriguing about the contrasting level of detail in this mural.

IMG 5227

Jazz Mom, Stay Jazz.

IMG 5228

Close-up of a koi perhaps?

IMG 5229

This panda looks like it’s plotting how to take down the wall next door.

IMG 5230

I feel like I’ve seen these characters before.

IMG 5231

It’s crazy how so much emotion can come from a single eye.

IMG 5232

Magneto doing his metal thing.

IMG 5233

This one kind of reminds me of our former first lady.

IMG 5238

Not sure why Buddha looks like he’s about to be attacked by spray paint.

IMG 5240

What a juicy hibiscus flower.

IMG 5244

This was probably one of the more lighthearted pieces of street art that I saw. Not surprisingly, I also saw this piece being used on the sides of buses in Waikiki.

IMG 5246

Much of this art is easily accessible, though you may have to backtrack to the main road to continue seeing more art.

My walking tour started off in front of the new SALT complex. From here I walked in a windy loop south, going around Mother Waldron Park, and ending back at SALT. The whole walk took about an hour and a half.

The art was well done, but as we started the walk in the mid-afternoon, it was hot. I would definitely recommend bringing some water if you’re planning on checking out the street art in Kakaako during a sunny day.

SALT At Our Kakaako

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