Uncovering a Hidden Artist Village in Taipei

July 21 2020, 12:56am

If you’ve followed my blog long enough, you probably know I love checking out the local art scene. You probably also know that Taiwan has a history of turning old developments into fresh, creative spaces. Not surprisingly, when I read about an artist village near Gongguan Night Market (台北公館夜市 / tai bei gong guan ye shi), Treasure Hill, I knew I wanted to experience the location first-hand.

Back in Taipei and with the urge to check out Chen San Ding, I took the opportunity to head farther south to Treasure Hill Artist Village (寶藏巖國際藝術村 / bao zang yan guo ji yi shu cun) to check out how a squatter community turned into a artistic community.

IMG 6126

To get to Treasure Hill, you can get off at Gongguan Station and cut through the alley way, due west to Tingzhou Road (汀州路 / ting zhou lu). From this street, continue south on it. You should see a Mala Hot Pot on the left side of the street and a mostly empty area on the right side with a road leading up a hill.

Take this winding road up, past a taxi station. If you see murals like this, you’re on the right track.

IMG 6149

Eventually, you’ll see a temple (寶藏巖觀音亭 / bao zang yan guan yin ting). This temple is a part of the artist colony, that spans dozens of buildings, multiple levels and half levels.

IMG 6124 1

The location is a little inconspicuous at first.

It looks like you’re entering into someone’s home, with people, young and old playing outside. As the community is a space where artists (and their families) both live and work, don’t be surprised to get this feeling. There are signs posted around, alerting about different galleries and the direction they’re in.

IMG 6100

After walking up a long and narrow stairway, we saw our first glimpse of a gallery. Walking to the top of this stairway, we found more signs, a map, and even an information kiosk that provides information about how to get around the dizzying array of buildings.

IMG 6123

From here, we ultimately decided to wander around and let the art guide us.

Here is some of what we saw while wandering up and down the steps of Treasure Hill.

IMG 6120

I wonder what the story is here, about the paper, eagles, and work.

IMG 6116

As this is a live and work space, it was cool seeing how different houses even used the roofs of their homes to decorate.

IMG 6115 1

This is an example of a gallery. You can tell by the sign and the number on the door. Signage is written in English and Zhongwen.

IMG 6114

There was this poster up advertising an exhibit currently going on. I think it was featuring mythological creatures and monsters? I’m not entirely sure.

IMG 6113 1

Some places look like they might be galleries, but the lack of number and signage suggest some of these homes are probably not.

IMG 6112

The architecture of the space is still super fascinating though. It’s amazing to see how so much of the space was developed and just how it was developed beyond this.

IMG 6110

I love this bear mural. The details on this piece of art are amazing.

IMG 6103

More interesting compositions. This one included clouds on a window with bromeliads in front.

IMG 6102

Climbing up Treasure Hill Artist Village, you can actually get pretty high up. This was the view from towards the middle of the community. Note: that we’re higher than the nearby expressway.

IMG 6101

There was a patio where a few people were doing a fashion photo shoot.

IMG 6099 1

Here’s the entrance to another gallery. The cute bears in front were the attraction here.

IMG 4917

For there being so many galleries, we didn’t go into too many of them. As we visited Treasure Hill on a week day, there weren’t as many galleries open as there are on the weekend.

Still, we did manage to stumble into the mythological creature gallery.

IMG 4916

Needless to say, it was kind of creepy…

IMG 4915

Even for my taste.

IMG 4914

The view from the top of Treasure Hill was super nice with a view of the Xindian River.

IMG 4912

On the other side of the river is New Taipei City.

IMG 4903 1

There were these large fortune cookies outside.

IMG 4909

Couldn’t resist taking a photo with them.

IMG 4901

The stories that these buildings could tell… I’m sure they would be voluminous and deep.

IMG 4900

After reaching this point, we turned back around and headed back towards the temple where we arrived from.

IMG 4897 1

It really feels like every part of this community has been lovingly designed.

IMG 4896 1

Not sure what this display was about, but it looked cool.

IMG 6128 1

On the ground floor, we decided to take a stroll closer to the river. Here, we uncovered a series of courts with walls that had a variety of street art on them.

IMG 6148 1

This wall had mushrooms graffitied on it.

IMG 6147 1

I have not clue what this says but it looks so well designed.

IMG 6127

I can see why so many people enjoy Treasure Hill Artist Village. It’s an artistic experience that is uniquely Taiwanese.

After you’ve finished grubbing on some amazing food nearby Gongguan and National Taiwan University, check out Treasure Hill and get your fill of Taiwanese art culture.

寶藏巖國際藝術村 (Treasure Hill Artist Village)

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