Tropical Paper Flowers
Plumeria Anthuriums Bird of Paradise
Tropical Paper Flowers (February 2010)
Paper, glue, and frame
I had these frames left over, so I just decided to make paper flowers. This is what I was inspired to create.

Cut Paper Flowers
Orchid Chrysanthemum Gerbera Daisy
Paper Flowers (January 2010)
Paper, glue, and frame
Created as a gift to symbolize simple beauty. I have also created a similar framed set with leaves as well as the inverse of these works (color on white).

Christmas Gift
Christmas Gift Christmas Gift
Christmas Gifts (December 2009)
Acrylic, pencil, wood block, glass bauble, confetti, and ribbon
Tasked with finding the perfect gift, I decided to instead make some of my gifts. These are just some of them.

Imagination Imagination
Imagination (November 2009)
Acrylic, pencil, and canvas
Working with nothing but a blank canvas, my friend and I started doodling on the canvas. We eventually came up with this art which really says a lot about both of our personalities and how they work together.

Zen Rock Garden
Zen Rock Garden Zen Rock Garden Zen Rock Garden
Zen Rock Garden (February 2009)
Rocks, acrylic, foam board, and pens
Each rock is like an individual; each has personality, flair, and character. Each ripple represents a line of connection and interaction between individuals within society. Together, rocks and ripples interact with one another, creating new relationships, causing problems, and creating solutions.

Black T-shirt
Black T-shirt Black T-shirt
T-Shirt (February 2007)
Adobe Photoshop, shirt, paper, and fabric paint
One of many shirts created for friends. This one says "hết-xẩy" which I was told by my friend means "very cool" in Vietnamese. This was a personal gift for my friend with the initials "JV."

Block Dude
Block Dude Block Dude
Block Dude (August 2007)
Wood, and acrylic
One of many paintings made on blocks of wood. This one was for my roommate upon us first moving into our apartment and was meant to resemble a cartoon version of him.

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