Theatre Rice Publicity (Commissioned)
Jackpot Club Card
STFU Front STFU Back Louder Than Word Club Card
Club Card Fliers (2006-2007)
Adobe Photoshop, chalk, and photos (4"x6")
Fliers created for various shows. Each was designed to match the show theme, including STFU which was construed to mean any number of phrases including "Save the Fluorescent Unicorns" and "Sushi Tastes Fresh Under-water."
Prehysteria Club Card
Prehysteria Cover
Prehysteria Producer's Page Jackpot Cover
Show Program (2006-2007)
Adobe Photoshop, markers, and photos (5.5"x8.5")
Covers and inner pages of show programs given out to audience members as they entered the theater. Each reflects the given theme of the show and was printed in black and white.

Pilipino Cultural Night, Anatomy (Commissioned)
Anatomy Program Cover
Program Page Program Page Program Page
Show Program (April 2007)
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, markers, and photos(5.5"x8.5")
Designed and created 52 page, full color program for 31st Annual Pilipino Cultural Night.

Pilipino Cultural Night, Awaken Movement (Commissioned)
Awaken Movement Poster
Club Card Front Club Card Back
Poster (April 2008)
Adobe Photoshop, and photos (11"x17")
Created business poster for 32nd Annual Pilipino Cultural Night.

Club Card Fliers (April 2008)
Adobe Photoshop, and photos (3"x4")
Designed club card fliers and guerilla marketing materials for increasing awareness of the show, in line with the show theme.

Institute of Industrial Engineers (Commissioned)

Shirt 1 Front Shirt 1 Back Shirt 2 Front
Banner (November 2007)
Adobe Photoshop, and photos(60"x30")
Designed banner to bring new life to Institute of Industrial Engineers.

T-Shirts (November 2007)
Adobe Photoshop
Created two new shirt designs for the organization to eventually produce.

Shirt 2 Back
Access ASUC Ad
SF Letter Art
ACCESS ASUC Advertisement (May 2008)
Adobe Photoshop (11"x17")
Designed and created poster to advertise a new campaign aimed at increasing student government organizational transparency and connecting more students with their government.

SF Letter Poster (December 2007)
Adobe Photoshop (30"x12")
Designed and created poster as a gift by roaming San Francisco to find the correct letters in the name then assembling them in the above graphic.

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