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"I am Generation Y"—Are you?

Well, if you were born after the Baby Boomer Generation (circa approx. 1946 to 1980) then you are. Generation Y is known for:

• Using technology and the internet to connect with people in new and distinctive ways.
• Being the "Look at Me" generation, where social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace allow individuals to post about themselves.
• Being able to make better sense of new technology.
• Being more socially accepting of immigration rights, gay marriage, and interracial dating.
• Utilizing the power of the web to provide stances on the issues.
• Being more comfortable with globalization, new ways of doing work, while desiring more say in the decision-making process.
• Having fame and fortune at the top of their list of goals in life.

That is a lot of information to continuously keep track of unless, that is, you live, breath and study it. As a member of this generation, I have spent many years working with companies and organizations to understand how to better develop policies, procedures, and processes for Gen-Y'ers that may be entering their halls or using their services. Some of the projects I have worked on in this vein include:

• Improving recruitment and selection systems for CNET (now CBS Interactive)
• Developing a full-length campaign strategy prospectus to engage new voters
• Creating a new business plan and inventory management tools at Blacklava

I have also developed innovative tools for forecasting product demand from fliers based on a history of statistical data, and am currently working on a couple of internet projects aimed at utilizing the power of the web to better serve businesses and users. I am doing this through the use of viral marketing, web analytics, user interaction, SEO (search engine optimization), and SEM (search engine marketing).

For more information, including how I might be able to help you, just send me a message. If you're interested in more of my creative side, check out my portfolio. Also feel free to see what others have to say about me.