What others have to say about me...

"As Executive Director of APA | FIVE, I was honored to select a few recipients of our inaugural Inspire Scholarship for college students who demonstrated immense leadership potential... We sifted through hundreds of applications and Kevin Hamano was an immediate stand-out because of an exceptionally well-written personal statement evidencing his strong desire to create lasting change. I will never forget the lunch I had with Kevin when he flew up to San Francisco for a meeting with some Board Members and me. We were extremely impressed by his drive and clear willingness to give back... I have the utmost respect for Kevin and overwhelmingly support him as a worthy candidate for any potential employer."

-B. Wang
Executive Director, APA | FIVE

"It was always a pleasure to work with Kevin. Kevin was motivated to be the best [National Communications Coordinator] he could be. While working with Kevin, he always committed himself completely to the project at hand. He demonstrated his dedication to [Residence Hall Assembly] through the high quality of his work. Kevin would take his basic duties, such as the Spring Training program and transform it a valuable and fun learning experience that resembled a mini conference. Kevin always delivered more than what I asked for and I am thankful for that."

-O. Zamora
President, UC Berkeley Residence Hall Assembly

"It was always a pleasure to work with Kevin in classes because he gives each of his projects great consideration. He brings a creative energy to groups and does not shy away from hard work. Even on projects that did not involve Kevin, I often sought out his advice as he is very resourceful and helpful."

-M. Abigania
Teacher, ABC Unified School District

"Kevin Hamano is a people person. He is detailed and organized and most importantly he recognizes the work and efforts of others in his life. It's people like Kevin that make working a pleasure and he stands out because of his contagious drive and committed energy."

-C. Lequang
Assistant Planner, Digital at Initiative

"Kevin was a conscientious and helpful guide who worked especially well with our parent population. He is also a caring individual who does well at establishing genuine and earnest professional presence wherever he goes."

-T. Jung
Assistant Program Director, New Student Services

"Kevin worked well with newly admitted students, as well as parents and guests of newly admitted students. Specifically, he worked with a diverse group of students, centralizing campus resources and tailoring to the individual needs of students. He would often take on tasks without being asked, if he saw a need during the Overnight Host Program."

-S. Foo
Program Coordinator, New Student Services

"I never thanked you for all you work I really appreciate it. Took a lot in and a lot of what you said mirrored what I've been hearing from others."

-R. Suda
Owner, Blacklava

"I wanted to say thanks for being a great director! I wouldn't have been able been able to perform like I did without your coaching and encouragement... You were always upbeat and encouraging and energetic and never seemed like practice was a place you did not want to be at. And on the final group pep speech/activities were really helpful and fun. Maybe cause you didn't single us out... lol... no, they were fun and you were really energetic and amusingly weird and it all helped relieve my anxiety... at least for a moment. So yeah, I just wanted to express my appreciation for being our and my director. I know I wasn't the easiest to work with at times. Presenting in front of people has been a problem these past two years... But now that I've stood in front of an audience of 600+ without faltering, what is a mere 30? I'm a bit envious of any future groups you direct and hope they appreciate what you do as well. Thanks for everything!"

-W. Long

"If there's one word to describe you, Kevin Hamano, it's deliberate."

-B. Ramirez